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05/04/2005 HARDDISK-SURVIVER: idleberg”powersalad”
“Track a giant squid, dive a coral reef or save a baby sea turtle. You’ve heard a humpback sing, but what about a roughneck grunt?” –
[MP3 VBR 4.8MB]
24/01/2005 TRACK: Junokaefer “Helgoland”
Find the Track “Helgoland” for download here, Ambient Beats, Nice Atmosphere.
“Schauen Sie regelmaessig vorbei und holen Sie sich Lust auf Helgoland. Wir sind ziemlich sicher, dass Sie dann bald sagen: ‘Helgoland, das ist meine Insel’.”
[MP3 VBR 3.8MB]
21/03/2004 AUDIO-DRAFT: parasew feat. shira “bg.synthesizer=sweet”
sunday afternoon, sweet synthesizer sound in the background…
ruff cut, recorded in ottakring, noisy surrounding
14/02/2004 AUDIO-DRAFT: idleberg “midiboy”
penetrating beats, rip-off melody and some krk-pssh
[MP3 VBR 2.2MB]
20/01/2004 AUDIO-DRAFT: parasew “more lumber is required”
draft of “more lumber is required” for GTI: Grand Theft Inventory
more info on
fresh sounds, stay tuned, more to come!
[MP3 VBR 6.4MB]
12/30/2003 MSAU001: parasew – “wanna try my apple pie?”
4 moody tracks by parasew (2003 still!)
“parallax sunday”,
“heidi’s return”,
“perestroika 5000″,
“fake journey to mars”
[ZIP/MP3 VBR 10.8MB]
12/06/2003 METROSAU PREVIEW: parasew “your first million” (post-edited)
35 minutes MP3 live mix of tracks produced by parasew
“trash series 2003″
sounds familiar?
[MP3 VBR 48.0MB]
12/04/2003 AUDIO DRAFT: parasew “calippo” (live)
live recording from the draft “calippo” (roland juno-6, mc909, yamaha rm1x)
[MP3 VBR 5.2MB]
11/14/2003 MOVIE: renfah ”

3 Essential SEO Best Practices You Need for Launching Your Online Business

When trying to run an online business, many people hear about SEO best practices while trying to research the best ways of getting proper online exposure and attracting more customers.

In the following, we will be looking at 3 of the most important SEO practices that any entrepreneur should take into considerations before attempting to launch a proper internet marketing campaign for improved income.

Proper Keyword Research

One of the first things you should look for when analyzing SEO best practices is keyword research. This is basically the essence of internet marketing research, and it has to do with the words and phrases people would search for when trying to find a specific information, product or service.
To give a simple example, if you own an online ecommerce website selling shoes, you have to target keywords specifically related to that niche, such as “boots”, “trainers” or the names of particular shoe manufacturer brands you may be promoting. Of course, in order for exactly the people who look for the types of products you’re selling to find you, a more particularized approach would be the use of keywords such as “best women’s boots for sale”.

On-Site SEO

A somewhat more complicated topic, on-site or on-page SEO is also very crucial for the success of your business. Search engines analyze the structure of a website very carefully, and if yours isn’t up to par with the latest SEO standards, you could be in trouble.
For best results, optimize your title tag, URLs, H1 and H2 texts, outbound links and image ALT tags with the help of keywords. This can easily be done if you’re using a CMS or with the help of a web developer or internet marketing company with a good degree of experience implementing working SEO techniques.


Building Quality Content

In the past few years, one of the SEO best practices that has been most emphasized was content creation. This aspect of SEO still plays a crucial role in getting and keeping web pages at the top of search engine result pages due to the new criteria search engine algorithms use for detecting duplicate content and poorly created articles.

The most significant factors to take into account are keyword density, content publishing frequency, authenticity and the proper use of headings and sub-headings.

It’s important to understand that these tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding all the SEO best practices out there; however, they should be able to get you started in getting good results with a newly founded online business in due time.

How Much Do The Services From Netflix Cost And What Are The Pricing Plans?

If you’d like high quality video streaming but have no idea how much Netflix cost, then you are not alone. The fact that Netflix stated out their business as a DVD renting-only business and their constant changing and tweaking of their pricing plans can make a lot of new users confused.

The services offered by Netflix

Netflix initially started out by renting DVDs and allowing the users to send them back by mail, but after extending their business in the online video streaming medium, they have been putting more emphasis on the latter. Most users get Netflix in order to get access to a plethora of shows and other pay on demand services, although the DVD renting service is still available.


So how much does Netflix cost?

Well, it depends on which service you ask for. You can opt for their online video streaming online, for their DVD renting service, and you can also rent Blue-rays for a monthly fee. Below are presented the pricing schemes on the main services offered by Netflix.

Online video streaming

This service is the one Netflix currently focuses on, especially due to the fact that its quality shows are on high demands these days. The Netflix cost for getting video streaming each month depends on how many shows you want streamed at the same time. The standard service provides you with two online shows streamed simultaneously, and up until May 9 it cost $7.99 per month. Members that have been signing since are now paying $8.99 per month while older members will benefit from the original plan for two more years. If you want to stream just one show, you will pay just 7.99 dollars per month, while getting up to four shows streamed at the same time will now cost you 11.99 dollars per month. Signing up is pretty easy, and you could also get 1 month free trial before you decide to keep the service.

DVD renting

DVD renting has been the bread and butter of Netflix for many years, and they are still continuing to rent quality DVDs, having reached its billionth rented DVD back in 2007. Netflix cost per month for renting one DVD at a time is 7.99 dollars, while renting two DVDs at the same time will cost you an extra 3 dollars per month. For being able to rent 3 DVDs at the same time you’d have to pay 15.99 each month, while four DVDs will cost you 21.99. Their DVD count keeps increasing to 8 DVDs at the same time, this premium service costing 43.99 dollars per month.

Blue-ray renting

Netflix has started renting Blue-rays a few years ago, and their standard one Blue-ray at a time will cost you 9.99 dollars per month. Two Blue-rays per month will cost 14.98 dollars per month, three 19.19 dollars while renting 4 Blue-rays at the same time will cost 26.99 dollars.
Choose the service that best suits your needs and benefit from the advantageous Netflix cost for their quality services.